We provide 100% web-based, affordable, enterprise cloud and hybrid PACS for all size customers that are proven to meet all your Diagnostic Imaging Needs



sepStreamâ„¢ PACS SystemOur Enterprise PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System) is 100% web-based and proven to meet all your Diagnostic Imaging needs.  Our systems are Scalable, Powerful and Affordable.  In addition to easy-to-use, our PACS gives you all the tools necessary to cut costs, streamline your workflow and compete in the volatile Diagnostic Imaging Industry.  No other competitor can beat our feature rich (breadth and depth) affordable solution.  Our solutions are perfect for teleradiology, outpatient, free-standing emergency rooms (ER), multi-specialty clinics and hospitals.

We offer two Software as a Service (SaaS) models to meet your needs:

    1) Cloud based model
    2) Hybrid-cloud model

Standard Components:
  Plug and Play
  100% Web-Based interface and Diagnostic Viewer
  DICOM 3.0 Compliant: Query Retrieve and Store Service
  Automated/Rule Based and Manual DICOM Routing
  Diagnostic Reporting - Macros, Normals, Spell Check,  transcription,
     Preliminary/Final/Addendums and more
  Dictation and Voice Recognition
  Built-in Backup/Restore to Media
  HIPAA Compliant
  Scalable to meet your operations growth and needs
  Support, Maintenance and upgrades
  Software details

Archive Module- DICOM Store Server
Web-based user interface
  Customizable compression
  Backup/Restore studies in DICOM Part-10 format
  DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP
  Scalable and reliable

Routing (DICOM) Module - Rule-based DICOM Routing and Delivery
  Web-based user interface
  Serves as DICOM  traffic controller
  Auto-forward based on multiple rules to multiple locations
  Gateway for all modalities
  Data stored in DICOM Part-10 format
  Customizable compression
  Reliable, sand efficient
  Study prioritization
  Customizable association limits, number of retries and time between retries
  Incoming/Outgoing/Progress Logs

Workflow and Viewing Module - Workflow for patient/study management
Web-based workflow management for diagnostic imaging, radiology, cardiology, orthopedic and other specialties "ologies"
  FDA approved web-based zero foot print (ZFP) diagnostic viewer

  Radiologist worklist to manage studies: assignment, priorities, categories, marked read and/or unread, critical findings, preliminary, final and addendum reports
  Study locking to avoid double reads
  Prioritizes studies based on importance, e.g., STAT, etc.
  Effectively manages report statuses and notifies of reports to review
  Built-in dictation and voice recognition
  Full transcription workflow with support for foot pedals
  Allows physicians to share images and interesting cases
  Sophisticated hanging protocols
  Maximum intensity projection (MIP) and Multi planar reconstruction (MPR)
  Hounsfield units (HU) and standard update value (SUV)
  Prior support for same or different modalities
  Pre-caching and region of interest caching for fast and efficient reading
  HTML5 mobile viewer for workstation, tablet and phones

  Support for mammography, breast tomography and other advanced imaging features
  Intuitive interface; user friendly; colors and layout built by and for radiologists
  Designed to compliment reading rooms
  Comprehensive search features and filters
  Customizable interface with sorting and filtering

Reporting Module - Diagnostic Reporting System with Fax/Email/Web  Auto-Delivery
  Web-based reporting solution
  300+ built-in templates of normal/abnormal reports (add, edit delete)
  Report template creation wizard
  1-field rich text template
  4-field plain text template
  1-field plain text template for voice recognition

  Report review wizard for streamlined report review
  Upload reports
  Scan reports
  Intuitive workflow with report status (e.g., dictated, preliminary, final, rejected)
  Effectively manages report statuses and notifies of reports to review
  Built-in dictation and voice recognition
  Full transcription workflow with support for foot pedals
  Add, Review, edit, delete, and multiple reports
  Key image integration for reports and online viewing
  Digital signature for finalizing reports
  Auto-faxing of reports based on status with customizable report template and HIPAA-compliant fax cover page
  Auto-email invitations for physicians and partners to retrieve new reports, images and key images
  Final approval queue for reports before reports are delivered
  Detailed distribution log

HIS/RIS Integration Module - EMR/Data sharing between existing systems (development costs of other vendors is excluded)
Web-based HIS/RIS integration system
  Export HL7 formatted flat file for billing or importation into other systems
  HL7 Broker for real-time third party HIS/RIS/EMR/PACS integration.

Optional Components:
  HL7 Interfaces
  X-Link: XML Interface for Medisoft, Lytec and more (details)
  DICOM Routers (batch, store and forward servers)
  High availability and load balancing
  Database and web server fail overs
  Database and web server clusters
  Redundant servers for disaster recovery
  Onsite installation
  Online Demo available.  Click here for detailed information about our EMR/RIS/PACS software

Do you need a solution different from above?
No problem . . .
Our scalable and powerful product allows us to be extremely flexible with our customers and options.  We will work with you to create a custom solution to meet your needs.  Need more storage, redundancy, speed?  Want to use your own hardware?  No problem.  Contact us today to discuss the many possibilities.