Afforable - Inexpensive, Scalable, Powerful RIS and PACS Technology

The Challenge and our Mission:

sepstream™ EMR/RIS/PACS Return on Investment (ROI)sepStream EMR/RIS/PACS™ solutions provide a quick Return On Investment (ROI), operational efficiencies and cost savings. The Diagnostic Imaging paradigm has changed forever, presenting an increasingly costly and challenging environment. Our goal is to partner and aid our customers to succeed with tangible results.

Our solutions provide a quick and measurable ROI to customers. We engage each customer through a process of needs analysis and expectations. After a timely delivery and installation of the product, we then provide training specifically targeted at a fast acquisition of ROI. We also provide the tools to measure the ROI value and progress.

To combat the increasing costs and lower reimbursements, we provide the tools to allow customers to realize operational efficiencies. We recognize that each customer has different needs and goals, therefore we treat each customer operation individually to ensure success. We provide the tools to measure operational efficiency and progress.

The central goal of our solutions is to provide cost savings to our customers. We understand that every dollar "counts", and to succeed, expenses must be justified. Reducing film, courier, storage and staff costs are just a few of the areas we will help our customers save money. We provide the tools to measure cost savings.

sepStream EMR/RIS/PACS™ solutions provide tangible ROI, operational efficiencies and cost savings. We succeed when our customers succeed.

Our Software:

Seppi Technology Associates, LLC (STA) has developed sepStream EMR/RIS/PACS™ software to provide a complete and affordable solution to the Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology industry.  We use a powerful DICOM toolkit for our DICOM architecture.  We provide a powerful diagnostic viewing solutions.  Working directly with our customers, we have developed the ideal RIS/PACS/Teleradiology solution. sepStream™ consists of seven powerful (7) modules: Archive Module, Routing (DICOM) Module, Workflow Module, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Module, Reporting Module, RIS Module and HIS/RIS Integration Module.

sepStream™ EMR/RIS/PACS System TopologyWith our sepStream EMR/RIS/PACS™ products, you can view and work with your information from any internet enabled device, e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet or handheld device. Our sepStream™ solutions are 100% browser enabled, easy to use and HIPAA compliant. We understand the need for a solid and redundant solution. We pride ourselves on high "up-times", because every minute counts. Our partners have been carefully scrutinized to ensure their commitment to quality and customer. You can also request a demonstration or more information by completing our Online Form.  To view our product brochure, click here.

Let us guide your business into the future with its Streamlined products and solutions. For sales or demonstration requests, please contact us via our Contact Form.

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Archive Module - DICOM Store Serversepstream™ Archive Module

  Web-based user interface
  Store server archive and compress images
  Backup/Restore studies in DICOM Part-10 format

Routing (DICOM) Module - Rule-based DICOM Routing and Deliverysepstream™ Routing (DICOM) Module

  Web-based user interface
  Serves as DICOM traffic controller
  Auto-forward based on multiple rules to multiple locations
  Gateway for all modalities
  Data stored in DICOM Part-10 format
  Customizable compression
  Reliable, stable and efficient
  Study prioritization
  Customizable association limits, number of retries, time between retries and
  Incoming/Outgoing/Progress Logs

Workflow Module - Workflow for patient/study managementsepstream™ Workflow Module

  Web-based workflow management for diagnostic imaging,
      radiology, cardiology, orthopedic and other specialties
  Allows radiologists to manage their studies, marked read and/or unread
  Helps eliminate double reads
  Prioritizes studies based on importance, e.g., STAT, etc.
  Effectively manages report statuses and notifies of reports to review
  Integrates with many dictation systems
  Allows physicians to share images and interesting cases
  Web Diagnostic Viewer – complete, portable
      JAVA application
  Intuitive interface; user friendly; colors and layout built by and for radiologists
  Designed to compliment reading rooms
  Comprehensive search features and filters
  Customizable interface; columns can be sorted

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Module - Patient document, chart and history managementsepstream™ EMR (Elecdivonic Medical Records) Module

  Web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Solution
  Fax management – Inbound/Outbound
  Scanning support – web based scanning
  Upload documents support – DOC, PDF, JPG
  Upload dictations support – MP3, WAV, DSS
  Clinical notes/patient history entry
  Complete electronic patient record solution

Reporting Module - Diagnostic Reporting System with Fax/Email/Web Delivery

  Web-based reporting solution
  300+ built-in templates of normal/abnormal reports (add, edit delete)
  Report creation wizard
  Rich Text Editor
  Report review wizard for streamlined report review
  Upload reports
  Scan reports
  Intuitive workflow with report status (e.g., dictated, preliminary, final, rejected)
  Integration with 3rd party dictation systems
  Add, Review, edit, delete, and multiple reports
  Key image integration for reports and online viewing
  Digital signature for finalizing reports
  Auto-faxing of reports based on status with customizable report template and
      HIPAA-compliant fax cover page
  Auto-email invites for physicians to retrieve new reports, images (via ActiveX)
      and key images
  Detailed distribution log
  Final approval queue for reports before they are delivered

RIS Module - Complete Radiology Information Systemsepstream™ RIS Module

  Web-based RIS system
  Complete scheduling
  Complete patient information
  Customizable procedures times
  Add patient demographic, billing and insurance information
  Confirm and verify appointments and insurance
  Patient tracking, e.g., arrived, check-in, start study, check-out)
  Complete insurance information management: quick web links, billing information,
      built-in CPT and ICD-9-10 codes.
  Customizable modalities and procedures
  Detailed management and schedule reports for performance and productivity review
  DICOM Modality Worklist
  Integration with DICOM Workflow for data integrity

HIS/RIS Integration Module - EMR/Data sharing between existing systems (development costs of other vendors is excluded)sepstream™ HIS/RIS Integration Module

  Web-based HIS/RIS integration system
  Export HL7 formatted flat file for billing or
      importation into other systems
  HL7 Broker for real-time
      third party HIS/RIS/EMR/PACS

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